About Medcom

For the last 35 years it has been Medcom’ s honor to work alongside creators, clinical experts and customers to author and provide Emmy award winning, high-quality accredited training for health care professionals worldwide. Millions of health care professionals and professionals in the making have taken our courses and viewed our videos to continue their professional development and enhance the quality of care they provide to their patients.

Other awards Medcom has earned are • Academy of Medical Films • American Film and Video Association • American Film and Video Festival, N.Y.C. • American Journal of Nursing Media Festival • CINDY Awards • C.I.N.E., Washington, D.C. • Columbus International Film and Video Festival • Local Emmy®, Hollywood Chapter • HeSCA Media Festival • Houston Film Festival • INTERCOM, The Industrial Film and Video Festival • International Film and TV Festival of New York • ITVA, Los Angeles • John Muir Film Festival • National Council On Family Relations Media Awards

We would like to thank our hundreds of customers who over the decades have been loyal partners.  We wish to recognize the millions of health care professionals who continued their investment in themselves to the benefit of all.  And finally, we want to express our appreciation to the Medcom team, some of whom have dedicated their life’s talents and expertise to produce some of the highest-quality content offered in healthcare education.

Special thanks to:

Jason A, Jakob A, Naomi A, Victor A, Cameron A, Tina A, Craig A, Jack A, Kathy B, Enzo B, Laureen B, Manuel B, Diane C, Erlinda C, Sophanary C, Ken C, Gary C, Jenna D, Nita D, Justin D, Cathy D, Nancy D, Jessie E, Shea E, Cindy F, Amanda F, Lacey F, Clint F, Jon F, Christina F, Robert G, Carla G, Larry G, Lisa H, Sean H, John H, Joshua H, Amy H, Adan H, Michelle H, Thomas H, Linda H, Jan H, Kat G, Thomas J, John J, Craig J, Ellen K, Kathy K, Phyllis K, Harold K, Barbara B, Darci M, Juanita M, Patty M, Amy M, Mike M, Ken M, Jeremy M, Tom M, Pam M, Ginny M, Bernedette M, Pat M, Daniel N, Nicolette N, Jody P, Janet P, Alex R, Rand R, Sarah R, William R, Michael R, Jeremy R, Stephen S, Bob S, Denis S, Hunter S, Bryan S, Diana S, Craig S, Clancy S, Robert S, Trudy T, Christopher T, Amanda T, Kristin V, Joel W, Brian W, Tammy W, Rebecca W, Jordan Y, Shirley Z, Mike Z

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