Accessible, Affordable Education for Schools and Professional Organizations

The Digital Revolution has transformed the way we study and learn. Where once the in-person classroom model dominated, today online educational courses are revolutionizing education.

Online courses provide students and other learners with unparalleled access to educational materials and other learning tools, day or night. They are an excellent addition to or replacement for traditional classroom-based learning. Let’s look at the benefits of online learning in more detail.

Student studying online


E-learning courses are generally available 24/7, allowing learners to watch programs at their convenience anywhere, day or night. Learners can study at their own pace, pausing videos and skipping and repeating sections as needed. Depending on the provider, courses may include features like post-course quizzes, with instant test results.

With round-the-clock accessibility from computers, laptops, and mobile devices, online courses make facilitating employee training easier. Employees within an organization who work in varying time zones, for example, can receive training on their own time, eliminating the need to dial in to a conference call or log in to a video conference at a specific time or travel to a facility for in-person training.

Easy administration and monitoring


A well-designed online course system will offer more than just streaming videos—it should also provide a variety of helpful tools for both viewers and administrators.

Medcom’s medical video courses, for example, allow viewers to watch entire courses or skip around to the most relevant sections for their needs. Educators and administrators have protected access to real-time data, including test score results and student progress, all stored in a centralized, secure online database. Administrators can download a variety of reports, and course subscriptions include unlimited continuing education certificates and free technical support.

A comprehensive online learning system will provide all these things and more.


From trainer fees to renting/purchasing classroom space to travel costs, the expenses associated with traditional classroom learning environments can quickly eat through a department’s training budget. Online courses can help slash these costs dramatically, delivering training and continuing education materials to students and employees anytime, anywhere, as long as they have internet access.

Cost effecctive learning system


Online learning programs can typically be customized to include only the courses a particular organization needs. A university or library may benefit from a customized group of streaming healthcare education courses and video clips, for example, while a hospital facility may need a variety of continuing education courses and mandatory employee updates for its nurses and other staff. Customization helps keep costs down by eliminating irrelevant or unneeded content.


Online courses can be viewed on the device that best suits the student or learner’s needs and preferences, whether it’s a mobile device or a desktop computer.

Medcom’s video-based courses, for example, can be viewed on mobile devices, including tablets, phablets, and smartphones—ideal for tech-savvy Millennials. Courses and video clips can also be viewed on desktop computers and laptops at home or work, for those who prefer it.

Quality online learning


Medcom is a leading provider of online healthcare education for learners in a broad range of settings. Our extensive online library of comprehensive medical videos are developed with the valuable input of professionals from leading healthcare organizations and are used across the U.S. by universities, hospitals, long-term care facilities, libraries, and other organizations. Our online courses materials are ideal for:

  • College Instructors and University Libraries: Medcom offers educational resources specifically suited to the needs of college instructors and university libraries, including streaming video courses, basic clinical skill courses, and an extensive collection of more than 1,800 video clips demonstrating a single skill or concept (e.g. taking a radial blood pressure measurement or changing an occupied bed), which can be incorporated into labs or classroom lectures.
  • Healthcare Educators: Medcom provides healthcare educators in college, university, and vocational school settings with a variety of educational tools designed to engage students, including an extensive catalog of online streaming video courses and a huge catalog of video clips (1,800+) demonstrating a single skill or concept. Educational facilities have the option of using Medcom’s comprehensive learning management system or their own.
  • Hospitals/Long-Term Care Facilities: Medcom provides hospitals and long-term care facilities with a range of online educational tools, from complete healthcare education courses, to mandatory employee updates, to CE courses for nurses and allied healthcare professionals. Healthcare facilities have the option of using their own learning management system or Medcom’s LMS platform, which tracks course completion both at the individual level and facility-wide.
  • Vendor Credentialing for Healthcare Industry Representatives: Medcom provides a range of courses for healthcare sales professionals describing clinical and regulatory concepts—from HIPAA compliance to fire safety—in easy-to-grasp terms. Courses include universally-accepted documentation of training completion.

Medcom can design customized course subscriptions based on the specific needs of an organization, delivered via our state-of-the-art learning management system or configured to work with organization’s existing LMS platform.